spaces that engage the body, with atmospheres that awaken the senses, where the concept of permanence is intensified

monday . july 23 - saturday . july 28

The proximity between art and architecture emphasizes our perceptual awareness, the human dimension of the elements of visual composition and the intrinsic values of spatial and formal qualities that stimulate our senses and emotions.

The international Art.Architecture Workshop 2018 aims to promote the relationship and synergy between different artistic disciplines, through the initiative established by

BRITO.RODRIGUEZ . architects

RIKI MIJLING . visiting artist

SUL _ Dê Duarte Osório . designer

PAU _ Sérgio Kaufmann . woodworker

CATARINA INÁCIO . photographer



Afasia . archzine



design studio
site visit
architecture tour



monday . july 23 - saturday . july 28

The aim of the Art.Architecture Workshop is to explore the sensorial and emotional experience of moving through space within a natural / built environment.  The design studio will reflect upon experiences that provoke emotional spaces of silence and solitude within the territory.  Spaces that engage the body, with atmospheres that awaken the senses, where the concept of permanence is intensified for individuals to experience moments of contemplation within the landscape.

The Art.Architecture Workshop invites architecture students and young architects to participate in a creative and intimate studio environment, with the opportunity to create, share, develop and present their design process in proximity to Brito.Rodriguez.

The workshop is focused on the design process and final presentation in form of an exhibition (open to the public) with particular emphasis placed on hand drawings, physical models and computer renderings. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the on-going discussion of the design process throughout the workshop, developing a dynamic dialogue with the design proposals.

Applications are open to international architecture students and young architects.

Previous participants:
austria . china . france . italy . japan . norway . poland . portugal . romania . saudi arabia . spain . taiwan . thailand . turkey . united states

The workshop will take place at the atelier of Brito.Rodriguez:
July 23 - July 28, 2018 from 9:00am - 1:00pm . 3:00pm - 7:00pm.

The official language is English (Portuguese and Spanish are welcomed)

* Portfolio submission (optional): refer to the applications / fees page. *



monday . july 23

To explore the sensorial and emotional experience of moving through space and the contemplative nature of landscape.



monday - thursday (open to workshop participants only)

Brito.Rodriguez . architects (pt) . monday, July 23 @ 10:00am

Brito.Rodriguez is an international architecture studio based in Lisbon, established in 2008 by architects
Inês Martins de Brito (Portugal, 1977) and Gilberto Rodriguez (USA, 1973).

Coming from different cultural backgrounds, they share a common interest in architecture and met in Spain, while collaborating at the office of RCR Arquitectes (2002-2004) - Pritzker Prize winners (2017). In 2004, they relocated to San Francisco, USA where they collaborated with Sagan Piechota Architecture and Jim Jennings Architecture respectively (2004-2008).

The studio’s work has received both national and international recognition with award-winning designs and exhibitions in England, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and the USA.

Our architectural practice allows us to further explore concepts centered around the perception of space, the specific conditions of the place and the sensory experiences of moving through the landscape.

We make a conscious effort to be extremely sensitive to the environment, whether in a natural or urban context.

In parallel to their architectural practice, Brito.Rodriguez organizes the annual summer international Art.Architecture Workshop while promoting the sharing of experiences, relationships and synergies between artistic disciplines and cultural exchange.

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Riki Mijling . visiting artist (nl) . monday, July 23 @ 7:00pm

Dutch sculptor Riki Mijling (1954, Nijmegen, the Netherlands) works in a rich tradition of non-objective, post-minimalist sculpture. The twentieth century art genealogy shows a forceful line of abstract-geometry, with pioneers such as Kasimir Malevitj, Vladimir Tatlin, Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.

Developments in art since the mid-1960s show how artists expanded on this legacy, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In the United States artists like Carl Andre, Donald Judd and Robert Morris burst onto the scene, causing a landslide with their minimalist approaches, a radical simplification of forms and dissolving 'meaning' in the traditional sense.

And in the Netherlands too, artists sought for new forms of expressiveness, for a formal and linguistic reduction, no-longer connected to representation and story-telling. With her sculpture––and her works on paper too––Mijling expands on this rich tradition of essentialism, developing a characteristic and unique visual language. 
Mijling pairs a reductionist approach with a warm, 'charged' character of her sculptures in waxed steel, Cor-Ten steel, glass and stone. It distinguishes Mijling from so many contemporaries and admired forerunners, and raises the question whether the concept of 'minimalism' is, in Mijling's case, still applicable.

The non-referential, archetypical forms of Riki Mijling’s sculptures lead back to basic elements, to universal significance of timeless forms. Unmistakably 'Mijling’ is a quest for an ideal line, for pure form and a new experience of space, of the balance between matter and non-matter.

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SUL _ Dê Duarte Osório . designer (pt) . tuesday, July 24 @ 7:00pm

When you grow up in a small village 50 km from Lisbon, the days are longer than 24 hours and danger does not lurk at the door, as in the big cities.  We have time to climb trees and stay there, endless hours hanging from the trunks, eating the seasonal fruits and philosophizing about life and the future.  One grows to realize that clouds can tell a lot about the weather coming the next day; to respect nature and to be attentive to small details.  Games and toys are invented; all the possible books are read and texts are written with the hope that, one day, they will be prize-winning novels.  That's how I grew up: away from the confusion and all the news of a big city, but close to what's really important.
I came to Lisboa to study, at IADE of Rua do Alecrim.  Strongly influenced by the life and culture of Chiado during the eighties, I studied interior design and general equipment at the Quintela Palace and was in the most beautiful classroom I ever thought I could enjoy.  I lived intensely during this period of time, am certain that it was structural for my way of being / seeing and feeling.

At home, it was normal to wake up with loud music when my father was home on the weekends.  From him, I learned to pause the look and crystallize a moment in an image.

So that the future was exactly what I wanted, I went to Porto Santo for a year, with the intent, firm, to discover myself.  I stayed for 7 years, by choice, where I fell in love with teaching, an activity that I maintain until today, and I discovered that the future is not planned: it happens, or makes it happen.

I participated in painting exhibitions and did interior design and communication projects.
They call me restless and curious; observant and detailed.
I'm passionate with forms; houses and images; words and smells.

Strong defender of beauty of the simple and timeless forms, I materialized, in 2014, together with my brother Duarte, the brand SUL, long idealized.

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PAU _ Sérgio Kaufmann . woodworker (pt) . wednesday, July 25 @ 7:00pm

Time dictated change. Time was needed to live, to look, to explore.  Behind were 20 years of editing video in post-production.  Ahead, came the proximity to wood in the woodworking course at the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation.  The project was a natural discovery, gratifying and a major step in the desire to create.  The final object that completes and recreates space, which tell its own story, is its greatest achievement.

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Catarina Inácio . photographer (pt) . thursday, July 26 @ 7:00pm

Catarina Inácio is a photographer and visual artist from Lisbon.  She studied photography for 3 years (2012-2015) and since then, she lives her life doing her art.

Her main focus on her work is to explore human emotions, communication and life.  Another form to explore her own emotions and her inside monsters, is to make Self-portraits.

Since she was diagnosed with Aspergers and Anxiety Disorder, photography has been a form of therapy and not only her full-time job.

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sunday . July 22 @ 7:00pm (open to the public)
Riki Mijling . visiting artist . solo exhibition opening

saturday . July 28 @ 7:00pm (open to the public)
Art.Architecture Workshop 2018 . design proposals



sunday . July 29 @ 10:00am - 6:00pm  (optional, open to workshop participants only)
An itinerary of selected local contemporary and historical architecture + environments.