Brito.Rodriguez moments page

Brito.Rodriguez is an architecture studio based in Lisbon, Portugal

Art.Architecture Workshop 2015

13 July - 18 July, Lisbon
another successful Art.Architecture Workshop !

Brito.Rodriguez would like to sincerely thank the invited guests, participants and support for your involvement in the workshop _ without you, this memorable experience could not have been made possible!

Brito.Rodriguez . architects (portugal)
Kate Beck . visiting artist (usa)
Building Pictures . videos (portugal)
Atelier Torres & Dase . luthiers (portugal)
Cédric Dasesson . photographer (italy)

support: afasia  esporão

Thank you to the following participants for traveling and spending time with us in the studio. Your enthusiasm, dedication and passion are clearly expressed in the results!

Ana Marcelo Pires (portugal)
Anders Elias Tschernutter (austria)
Andreea Druga (romania)
Bartosz Ukarma-Malaga (poland)
Catarina André (portugal)
Cecilie Schei (norway)
Elena Pazzaglia (italy)
Filipa Cotrim (portugal)
Juan Francisco Buendía Díaz (spain)
Lourdes Pérez Díaz (spain)
Małgorzata Zych (poland)
Ottavia Messina (italy)
Rubén Mejías García (spain)
Wittawin Sophakorn (thailand)
Wu Kai Xun (china)